Dr. Cindy Mancini

I believe we all have a natural ability to make positive changes in the ways that we think and act and to grow in directions that lead us away from painful struggles with ourselves and others ... toward peace. Being my clients’ partner in discovery as they awaken that ability and make that journey is tremendously satisfying to me. Knowing that it takes courage to look honestly at one’s own feelings and fears, I provide a warm, supportive, nonjudgmental space that allows clients to feel safe enough to explore.


Every person is unique and so are their strengths, challenges and goals, so I collaborate with each client to understand what they want and need, as well as what they don’t. Together, we develop personalized treatment objectives. Extensive training in both psychodynamic therapy (which focuses largely on gaining insight/understanding) and more directive approaches (which focus on behavior and the present moment) allows me the range and flexibility to choose treatment techniques that complement my clients’ strengths.

For those who want to work in a focused way on specific behaviors, such as binge eating or purging, dysfunctional anger, repetitive self-injury, or other “problem behaviors,” I offer individual and group treatment based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). In DBT, problem behaviors are viewed as people’s best attempt at reducing the intensity of overwhelming feelings. DBT draws on Eastern mindfulness practices and provides concrete, practical skills for managing difficult emotions in more effective ways.

Starting psychotherapy is never easy to do. If you have questions about me, my approach to therapy, or concerns about whether therapy may be helpful to you, I encourage you to call or email me.


Dr. Mancini’s fee is covered by most PPO insurance plans.


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